With equal focus on all three disciplines, we feel that it is important to have at least one acting, singing and dance class each day.

Briefly, dance classes will cover the main genres: Ballet, Tap, Musical Theatre and Jazz - plus additional styles as the course progresses.

In acting, voice and singing lessons, you can be sure of improving your understanding of technique (using a variety of methods, drawn from a number of practitioners); your personal repertoire for auditions will be decided, worked on and perfected and you will have regular, internal performance opportunities to gain feedback and guidance (from experienced tutors and also guest mentors).


As well as tuition in the core disciplines, it is important to understand that performing is a career and once you graduate, YOU are a business. At MAMT we dedicate time each term to helping you develop your knowledge of the business and additional skills such as stage combat, voicereels, session singing and radio/TV/film acting are all covered.

We bring in specialists to advise and support you with everything you need to know - from being self-employed (income tax, national insurance, union memberships), right through to creating your own website, getting your actor headshot right and creating showreels and other industry-standard marketing tools. We also encourage our students to be innovative and proactive in looking for sustained work.

We see this learning as a fundamental part of our training and dedicate time each and every term to improving your marketability. As such we can be sure of producing a truly well informed graduate after just two years.


Once a term, the academy becomes a producing venue; there is a flurry of activity wherby, often external, creative teams arrive and the already fast tracked course, picks up even more pace.

We don't believe in waiting until the very end of the course to give you a performance platform so every term there will be a performance opportunity to put you at the forefront of the industry. This is a fundamental part of our commitment to replicate the real world and will involve working in a number of professional theatres, with the associated creative and technical teams.

The actual productions are decided with the current students in mind but will include a variety of genres, which are likely to be: a play, a pantomime, a staged concert and a mixture of well-known and new musicals.

You can find out more about our ethos of replicating the industry on the About MAMT page.