Audition feedback

Going to drama school is a big step and we want you to get it right. As such, we want to get to know you as well as we can and we feel like the best option is for you to spend a full day with us for your audition - getting to know the school, the faculty, the city and our approach to training the best.

There will be the traditional elements of your audition day; we'll ask you to prepare a song, a short dance and a monologue. Other than that, we like to deviate slightly from the traditional, to give our panel a better understanding of how you would fit within the course.

Here is a summary of what to expect at your MAMT audition:

  • 'Welcome to MAMT' presentation from our panel and guests
  • Group taster workshops with other auditionees
  • MAMT forum (a chance for you to ask any burning questions)

After lunch our tutors will lead a group warm-up session before we spend time with you individally to see your solo audition pieces and talk through your hopes, dreams and aspirations.

The day ends with our "Discover Birmingham" activity; an interesting surprise task that brings you into contact with some of our producing partners across the city, to give you a real feel for how exciting it is to train in Birmingham.

Then you'll head off home, safe in the knowledge that you'll receive our decision, and some feedback either way, within 3 days.

Audition promises

It won't feel like an open call, with hundreds of applicants, some of whom get cut after just one dance session.
At MAMT, your audition day will have a maximum of 24 auditionees. Coincidentally, that's our maximum class size.

Once we have filled the places on our course, we will stop holding audition days.
That sounds obvious doesn't it? In many places, auditions continue long after they have filled all their available spots on the course.

As well as your 1-2-1 audition items (a song, short dance and a monologue), you will have a short discussion with our panel.
This is a great time to tell us a little bit more about you.

Your audition pieces

We advise looking at a wide range of repertoire for your individual audition. Have a couple of songs and monologues ready in case we ask to see something other than your first choice.

With songs, we truly want to see acting-through-song ability so find a musical theatre song that combines your great storytelling skills with a good understanding of technique. It is not 'who can belt louder/higher than everyone else' - we would instead like to see what your individual strengths are. The main rule with choosing an audition song for us is: sing something that you like singing. We'll teach you how to find varied repertoire on the course. Please bring sheet music - no backing tracks.

Your dance piece should be a very short combination that you have either choreographed yourself or learnt elsewhere. Choose your best style out of Ballet, Jazz, Tap or Musical Theatre and please bring the music on a CD or audio device that has a headphone output.

Monologues should, again, be something that highlights what you do well. If you have a modern monologue, that's great. If your talent lends itself more to a classical piece, choose that. Your audition is your chance for us to see you at your best so do bring pieces that you know well and that show you in your best light.

We would like your song, dance and monologue to last a maximum of 10 minutes please. Further information will be provided once you have applied.

The audition fee is currently £45 and applications are now open for September entry.
We stop accepting applications once we have filled our places so early application is recommended.