Perhaps you aren't being accepted on to full time drama school courses, but aren't getting any feedback on what you need to improve, so are feeling a bit lost? Maybe you've auditioned for us here at MAMT and we've said that we think you need to have some more Acting, Singing or Dance lessons before you're ready for our intensive 2-year course? Perhaps you perform as a hobby but would love to experience a professional training? It may be that you're contemplating a career change...

Our experienced acting tutors will introduce students to key concepts required by those wanting to pursue a career in, or train full-time for, either straight acting or Musical Theatre. Aimed at those with exceptional potential but lacking in experience or advanced training, the Fundamental ACTING course will offer you classes in:

  • Voice
  • Text studies (classical & contemporary)
  • Monologue preparation
  • Character development
  • Improvisation

Fundamental ACTING is exactly what it says - the chance to go back to basics and use your previous experience to shape your future as an Actor.

The course is entirely practical and led by the same MAMT tutors and visiting guests who teach on our full time, 2-year course. You will have weekly lessons and receive constant support and feedback throughout the entire year that you spend with us.

Aim for the career you have imagined with our structured, personalised and industry-based Fundamental ACTING course.

Practical information

This part-time, evening course lasts 12 months, with 4 hours timetabled per week. It costs £1400 in total (special offer: take both Fundamental courses - ACTING & MUSICAL THEATRE for £2100, saving 50% off the second course and paying less than £9/hour)

In addition to the timetabled course hours above, all Fundamental course students are offered the following benefits, completely free of charge:

  • A daily body conditioning session alongside MAMT full time students
  • A weekly Acting class with MAMT full time students
  • A monthly tutorial with MAMT Principal, James Williams (for advice, guidance and 121 monologue assistance)
  • Complimentary tickets to MAMT productions
  • Discounts on Masterclass courses or Theatre trips run throughout the year

Entry is by audition. To attend our next Fundamental course auditions, please contact us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.